Cryptocurrency platform Liquid appoints cybersecurity consulting company Hacken to strengthen the exchange’s security mechanisms by collaborating on penetration testing. 

Liquid has engaged Hacken to perform a comprehensive penetration test of both the web application and API that are central to the operation of the exchange. Liquid will look to further build on this collaboration as we drive forward a program to strengthen our security standards.

Hacken is rapidly establishing a leading presence in the crypto and blockchain cybersecurity industry. We look forward to building on this potential multi-year cooperation, and leverage other services that Hacken offers such as their Hacken Proof Bug Bounty platform as we continue to raise the bar with regards to security of our platform and customer’s assets”, believes Graeme Docherty, CIO at

About Liquid:

Liquid is a leading global fintech company founded in 2014, with offices in Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam. Liquid was the first exchange licensed by the Japan Financial Services Agency in 2017, and in 2019 the exchange’s yearly trading volume exceeded 60bn USD. The company is continuing its focused expansion into 2020 with the development and launch of a series of new exchange features to serve its growing customer base.

About Hacken: 

Hacken is a leading cybersecurity consulting company with an essential focus on blockchain security. Hacken is a part of Hacken Group including such companies as, HackenAI, and HackenProof. is the unique cybersecurity data provider for CoinGecko Trust Score.

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