Crypto market is clearly in a downturn. This is a normal part of the long term crypto market cycle.

Traders must adjust to these changes in cycle phases.  Currently, looking for long (buying) opportunities is like looking for a needle in a haystack and buying dips is like catching a falling knife, it’s swimming upstream.  The odds are against it.

Rule #1 in trading is “don’t fight the trend, trend is your friend, always trade with the trend”.  

What can a trader do to make money in a downtrend? Short Sell.  

That means doing the opposite of what we’d do in an uptrend. While in Uptrend, we buy dips, in a Downtrend, we Sell bounces.

In order for traders to be more versatile in any market, one must learn tor Short Sell.

Coins shield’s pattern recognition engine provides both Buy and Sell signals.  Traders should have both (long and short) positions in their portfolio so they’re protected during big market swings.  And during a downtrend, should be tilted in favor of Short positions.

To take full advantage of our unique pattern recognition system and signals, traders should master Short Selling.

What’s Short Selling? Normally, traders buy low then sell high. Now reverse that – Sell high then Buy lower.

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