Are you looking for ways to earn cryptocurrency? While mining remains a popular option today and will be featured in this article, there is now an abundance of methods available to anybody that wants to earn tokens and coins for nearly all digital currencies.

#1 Trading

Trading is one of the most convenient and straightforward ways to earn crypto.

You can use Liquid Buy and Swap to purchase crypto using a bank card or instantly swap crypto. However, if you want to earn profit by trading cryptocurrency, you have to analyze the crypto market and explore various trading strategies that align with your goals.

You can also learn more about trading strategies like Arbitrage Trading, Day Trading, Swing Trading, and Scalp Trading on Liquid.

It is also recommended to consider factors like trading and transaction fees beforehand. The best part about cryptocurrency trading is the possibility of earning a considerable amount of profit if you move strategically.

#2 Mining

Cryptocurrency mining is another popular yet resource-intensive way to earn crypto.

Mining is the process of solving complex mathematical puzzles on the cryptocurrency network to add more coins into circulation and earn mining rewards. Bitcoin mining can be a good example here.

However, some other factors are at play here: Mining requires a robust set of hardware to stand out and perform the job successfully. The crypto network provides a reward to the miner who completes the calculation first.

You can also add your mining resources to a mining pool where they are clubbed with other pool miners, thereby improving the overall mining output with increased processing power at your disposal.

Remember that mining requires a considerable amount of electricity. Therefore, you might also want to bear the additional expenses associated with the process.

#3 Staking

Staking is a widely used method to passively earn cryptocurrencies.

Since mining cryptocurrency is resource-intensive, not everyone can afford to invest in mining hardware and resources.

How does it work? Proof of Stake chains produce and validate new blocks through the process of staking.

Staking involves validators who lock up their coins so they can be randomly selected by the protocol at specific intervals to create a block. Usually, participants that stake larger amounts have a higher chance of being chosen as the next block validator.

You can start earning passive income through staking, which involves locking up your crypto to act as a validator in a decentralized network and earn rewards for validating transactions.

#4 Yield Farming

Yield Farming opens up new possibilities for earning a passive income.

“Yield farming” is a reward scheme that’s taken hold in the DeFi crypto world over the last year.

It is a process of earning rewards for locking up your crypto in a Liquidity Pool designed and controlled by smart contracts.

Yield farmers will use very complicated strategies. They move their cryptos around all the time between different lending marketplaces to maximize their returns.

If you know how to analyze the DeFi space well, Yield Farming may provide you with some great returns. However, the amount of rewards you earn from Yield Farming is not precisely calculable.

#5 Blogging

Blogging is an effective way to earn crypto if you have sufficient knowledge about the crypto ecosystem and good writing skills.

You can start a blog or join other established blogs or publications as a freelance writer and use the platform to share your knowledge.

Once your blog has a decent number of followers, you can explore different ways of generating income. For instance, you can recommend some crypto services to your readers and gain affiliate commission on sign-ups.

Bloggers can also choose to display advertisements to maximize their earning potential.

Publishing a paid or sponsored content is another excellent source of generating revenue.

As a freelance content creator, you can also choose to get paid in crypto for your services.

Some crypto platforms like Publish0x and pays you for publishing content.

Blogging is a gradual way to earn money to establish your brand as an authentic source for crypto-related questions.

#6 Crypto Faucets

Crypto faucets are perhaps the best way to earn a passive income without immediately investing in any projects.

Websites such as Bitcoinget and Earncrypto provide users with some rewards in the form of crypto for completing specific tasks like taking a survey, signing up for a newsletter, or installing a smartphone app.

In the future, the value of these cryptocurrencies may skyrocket, increasing your earning potential.

Since most of these sites provide an option to select the cryptocurrency or altcoin you want to receive the reward in, you will have diverse investment options.

Remember that Crypto faucets do not offer instant results. However, if you are willing to wait, you could generate decent profits.

#7 Airdrops

Crypto airdrops are a great way to earn relatively new tokens as rewards for performing certain tasks.

You have to keep a lookout for potential crypto airdrops and sign up for them. After that, you may have to give the wallet ID and perform certain tasks like joining a Telegram Group or encouraging your friends to participate in an airdrop through tweets, retweets, and social media posts.

Crypto airdrops are designed to increase popularity and create awareness of a new coin or token.

You can consider participating in airdrops as a way to earn new coins or tokens that may not be listed on major exchanges yet.

However, as these projects become popular, their value may increase.

#8 Referrals

Referrals are perhaps the most effective way to earn crypto if you have many friends and an influential network.

For example, you might have an Instagram page or a LinkedIn profile followed by thousands of crypto enthusiasts.

In that case, you can share a referral link with your friends and earn money when they sign up for an account on some crypto exchange.

Liquid Referral Program offers you a chance to invite your friends to sign up for a Liquid account and earn a 30% share of their transaction fees!

In addition, your friends will enjoy a further 10% discount on their trade fees when creating an account using your referral code!

#9 Liquid Earn

Liquid Earn provides you with a way of earning up to 13.898% APY on your crypto balance at Liquid. Enjoy high yields on your crypto balance without missing a trading opportunity.

Unlike DeFi protocols, Liquid Earn does not charge or deduct gas fees. “Gas fees” refer to the cost to perform transactions on a blockchain network. Our reward system provides full transparency, without hidden fees.

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