Most people who know about crypto have heard of Ripple, the global payments company, building systems to improve cross-border money transfers. More than 200 financial institutions choose Ripple because of its low fees, super-speed high security.

But no discussion about Ripple would be complete without mentioning XRP, one of the world’s most traded cryptocurrencies.

There’s often confusion between XRP and Ripple. Many people incorrectly refer to XRP as Ripple and vice-versa.

But really, XRP is a cryptocurrency native to the Ripple protocol, created by the company Ripple, which itself utilizes XRP in its operations.

What is XRP?

XRP provides a cheap and efficient cross-border payment method used by businesses and enterprises. XRP payments settle in just 4 seconds and XRP can handle up to 1,500 transactions per second, all day every day.

Can you buy Ripple?

Crypto newcomers will sometimes ask about how to buy Ripple. In reality, you can’t buy Ripple as it’s a company and a protocol. But you can buy XRP, the digital asset.

How to buy XRP

To buy XRP you’ll need to find an exchange that lists the token, such as Liquid, a global crypto exchange that supports a number of fiat currencies, such as USD or Euro. This means you can deposit money from your bank account and use it to buy XRP.

Buying XRP

Getting your hands on some XRP is easy.

If you want to buy with fiat, the process looks like this:

  1. Deposit fiat currency
  2. Exchange it for XRP using Quick Exchange.

It’s as simple as that.

If you already own cryptocurrency and you want to purchase XRP with it, all you have to do is deposit your crypto to Liquid and then use Quick Exchange to swap it for XRP.

Alternatively, you can use the spot markets to make trades if you prefer.

Ready to make a ripple?

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