Over the last few years, podcasts have emerged as one of the modern ways to keep yourself updated on nearly everything. From social media and sports to current affairs and movie reviews, you can find a podcast that meets all your needs and listen to them at your convenience. It’s the same characteristics that make podcasts one of the best ways to keep track of crypto developments and updates.

You see, cryptocurrency and blockchain are two of the most happening industries right now, and sometimes reading lengthy articles can be a challenging and time-consuming task for many.

By picking the right crypto podcasts, you can gather knowledge through your passive or active listening habits. In the end, your goal is to get a gist of what goes on in the crypto world. The only condition is that you should pick the podcast that is right for your needs, expertise level, and the time you can dedicate.

In this article, Coin shield has prepared a list of some of the best crypto and blockchain podcasts you can listen to in 2021.

#1 Bitcoin Audible

Bitcoin Audible is a podcast that captures why you should listen to a podcast about Bitcoin instead of reading a lot. Guy Swann, the host, has a knack for presenting even the most technical stuff in an easy-to-grasp way. The average length of an episode is 60 minutes, and it covers pretty much everything you may have missed reading about Bitcoin in the last couple of days.

#2 The Pomp Podcast

While the Pomp Podcast isn’t exclusively about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, it does provide the right amount of coverage on both topics. Every once in a while, you hear about trendy topics like mental health and viral content, but that’s okay. When Anthony Pompliano talks about crypto, it is from the best sources. It means you can worry less and focus on what the content matters to your investment strategy. Even if crypto is just one of the many areas of your interest, you should check out this podcast.

#3 Bully Esquire

Despite being in its nascent stages, Bully Esquire is a crypto podcast you should listen to. While it might not give you an overall update, Bully Esquire explores the different legal aspects of the crypto industry. The host of the show is a corporate attorney, and his expertise is evident in the podcast’s content. To keep all episodes crisp and exciting, Bully often brings in other experts from the field.

#4 Unchained

Unchained is one of the most trusted crypto podcasts out there right now. This show by Laura Shin has been loved for its super-impressive coverage, especially the regulatory aspect of cryptocurrencies. Making things as authentic as they may be, Unchained has featured some of the best subject experts as well. Mostly done in the form of an interview, the Unchained podcast is loved for its generally interactive style.

#5 Hashr8 Podcast

Unlike the other podcasts, the Hashr8 Podcast isn’t regularly updated. However, it launched some of the best episodes on cryptocurrency tech and mining during the first few months. So, if you’d like to get into crypto mining and the technicalities, you should check out the Hashr8 Podcast. Of course, you will have to listen to the first few episodes to get the mining basics right.

#6 Hash Power from Invest Like the Best

If you are looking for a crypto podcast that can get the basics right about blockchain, the Hash Power series from Invest Like the Best is a superb choice. Through just three episodes, the host provides a comprehensive look at blockchain and how it works. Apart from these three episodes, Invest Like the Best is your general source for investment advice. If you are looking for an in-depth analysis of incidents and insights on the market situations, you can make a habit of listening to this podcast.

#7 Epicenter

Epicenter podcast is the OG when it comes to tech podcasts that discuss the crypto space. So that you know, these guys have been talking about crypto since 2013. So, when the Epicenter podcast team talks about the recent developments in crypto and its economic implications, you can almost-blindly trust them. Another impressive thing is that their 400+ episodes are spread across various topics like Bitcoin, privacy, AI, cryptography, and proof-of-stake.


There are obviously more than just seven podcasts about cryptocurrencies. However, we’ve collected the fascinating ones. Plug your headphones in and enjoy it! By the way, we have more entertainment to offer.

Coin shield has collected the best movies featuring cryptocurrencies and blockchain. We also have something to read about digital currencies and blockchain technology.

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